Zachy prays 


Recently you’ve been very eager to pray for all our meal times. Your prayers are pretty much the same every time and it goes like this – 

“Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for the world so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for da day. Umm.. Thank you for daddy mommy joey…and ummm thank you for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Thank you for toys. Bless Jesus. Amen.” 

I hope you never lose your excitement to pray to God who hears. Your prayers are sweet music to my ears!! 


Happy Three!

Happy Birthday Zachy!

You’re officially three now! This post is a bit belated but It’s been on my mind because turning three is a huge milestone! Hopefully turning three means it’s the end of an era – the “terrible two’s”. Frankly, I think the “terrible two’s” started around 18 months for you. Your mental development was more advanced than your speech so there was a lot of frustration for everyone. We made it out alive though! puhahaha :) Some moms warn me about the “terrible 3’s” but let’s just pretend that’s not a real thing.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about who you are and who I am as a mom…as your mom. You’re my spirited, high-energy, sweet, expressive, and emotional Zachary. Your highs are high and your lows are low. Some days it’s hard for me to keep up with your ranging emotions and when you’re inconsolably on the floor having a meltdown I feel at a loss. As my years and struggles increase with motherhood, so have my prayers. I’m beginning to see God’s great design for parenthood – it’s sanctifying and drawing me nearer to Him. That’s such a beautiful gift. YOU are my precious gift, son. We’re growing and changing together and though we have hard days, it’s all part of our journey and it’s one that I’m striving to appreciate each day. Another mom recently reminded me that though our days are long, the years are short and I believe it! With that perspective in mind, I want to cherish each blessed day with you.

For your third birthday, you really wanted a party. How could I deny that from you? You are well loved and many of your friend’s wanted to celebrate with you! We went to one of our favorite places for your party – Ardenwood Historic Farms. It was the perfect January morning – God gracing us with plenty of sunshine. You had the best time – laughing, running, and being the free spirit that you are. You have so much heart and I love seeing you love life…and cake :)



We stopped unswaddling you cold turkey last week because you always escape your swaddles like Houdini. You’ve been doing great so far and last night you did your first 12 hours!!!!! I’m Over the moon…but I’m so engorged! Please drink milk now. Love you bye!


Mr. Independent

Hi zachy! Or should I say mr. Independent?? These days you’ve been super capable of doing things on your own (when you choose to…you have moments you want help for the sake of having help even though I know you can do it on your own). In the mornings you do these things allllll by yourself before coming to our room.
1. Take off your sleepsack
2. Unzip your onesie Jammies
3. Take off your night time pull up and throw away
4. Go pee in potty
5. Dump pee in toilet (a little scary for mom lol)
6. Flush toilet
7. Clean potty seat and put it back
8. Put on underwear
9. Put on your pants (often times backwards but who cares…you’re doing it buddy!)
10. Run into mommy’s room and climb into our bed

So proud of you!!!!!


Go baby girl!!

Celebrating your first 11 hour stretch of sleep! (Doing my happy dance). Joey, you’ve been an awesome night sleeper since week 6, consistently sleeping as long as you were old (6 hrs at 6 weeks, 7 hrs at 7 weeks…). Does this mean when you’re 12 weeks we’ll have you at 12 hours?!?! Bliss….:) love you!


Going crazy

I remember my mom constantly mixing my name with my brother’s name, Andy. Or she would say some sort of hybrid, Handy. I’m becoming her…my mind is in a state of crazy ahahha! Joey – zachy – Joey – zachy! :)

8 weeks

My dear Joey,

Today we celebrate your 8 weeks of life. Hooray!!!! I love being your mama and I love having a daughter.

Some Joey Grows facts –

Sleep – longest stretch was 9.5hrs and you’ve been pretty consistent with 6-8hrs since week 6. Naps are sort of all over but I can’t complain with your good nights.

Coo – you are so chatty and super responsive! It’s my fav time of day with you. I wonder if you’ll grow up to be a social one.

You found your hands!

You enjoy bath time with mama but we both hate having to clean the cheese out of your neck. Eeeeewww

I’ll have to update on weight after your 2 month appt next week ;) but you’re wearing 3-6 month clothes already!
Update- you had your two month appt and you’re 12 pounds 4 oz. that’s in the 80% ish :)
You had four vaccinations and though never fun they’re good for you love!

Love you!





Sibling love

Some recent pics of my loves. So thankful for these little humans.






Bedtime delays


You’re at an age where bedtime delay tactics is your forte. We were getting frustrated with you stalling every night so I created a sticker chart where you get a sticker for each bedtime routine activity if done quickly. I must say it’s been encouraging you to listen far better than before! Some nights you don’t get all 5 stickers (bath time, pjs, brush teeth, story, lights out) but you try to. We’ll see how long this works :)


4 weeks


We made it! We’ve more than survived the first four weeks of your life. You’re such a joy! Being a second time mom, I’m a lot more lax about rules and how to’s so I feel less stressed this time around. We’ll see how that changes once I actually start sleep training, whenever that happens. Dreading that a little seeing that you like to be held a lot :) This picture is misleading because you stayed asleep in your crib for less than 5 min.


This is more accurate ;) how sweet you are asleep in my arms. Enjoying moments like these as you’re already growing too fast!


Love you,


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