Exciting news

Dear Zachy,

Guess what?? You’re going to be a big brother!!! So far you seem excited and you give kisses to baby but I’m not quite sure how much you understand how things will change. I guess I’m not so sure either. Since we’ve told you that we’re expecting a new addition to our family, you’ve been more attached to bear-bear and you’re carrying him around everywhere. I don’t know if it’s related to the news but you’ve never really been so attached to your lovey before. Also you’re sucking your thumb a lot more like a little baby. :) I’m sure our family dynamics will change a bit but you will always be mommy’s baby and you will be a great older brother! I know you’ll be the sweetest!! Here are some pics we took today of you with mommy’s 10 week belly.

Love you!




It’s raining!!

This mornings rain was ridiculous and I knew you’d really enjoy throwing on your rainboots and using your new umbrella! I think you look pretty happy, what do you think?


To drool or not to drool

Dear Zachy,

At over 2 years old, you’re still sporting your bibs. Yes, you are STILL drooling and not just a little, but you’ll soak your bib within a couple hours. It’s pretty impressive. The other day we were shopping at Old Navy and a lady commented on your bib and how her son drooled till he was 4. FOUR!!! His doctor had even suggested getting surgery to help him, but thankfully he stopped drooling at 4. OMG. I sure hope it doesn’t take you that long to stop drooling. Daddy and I decided to go cold turkey on stopping the use of your bibs so it will force us to remind you to swallow, wipe your drool, and keep your mouth closed. Otherwise, it’s an overflowing fountain all day err’day. Hopefully we’ll stick to our guns and won’t give in. Plus, you hate wearing bibs so it sounds like a win-win to me once we succeed. :)



Dear Zachy,

One thing that is unmistakably evident in your life is your joy. We always say that you do everything with such gusto, a few examples – you run at full speed with Mighty (our dog) with uncontrollable laughter and often trip between your own feet, you eat your favorite foods in true “beast” style (there is no such thing as a small bite to you…it’s always by the fistful), you can down a smoothie in 1 minute flat (faster than both daddy and mommy, don’t you get brain freeze???), and even the way you fiercely throw a ball make adults scared that if they don’t catch it fast enough they might face a hit. There is no such thing as holding back or doing things in moderation in your world and that’s one thing we love about you. And so it is with your joy. It’s so contagious, your laughter is what often makes me laugh too. I hope you’ll never lose this unadulterated joy.

I too remember as a child being so wide-eyed in wonder about everything. But somehow with age, people slowly lose that sense of crazy joy and it becomes something you have to actively fight for. Mommy has been reading this book called “One Thousand Gifts” and the author, A. Voskamp, shares the secret to finding true joy in the everyday mundane. It comes with gratitude and perspective. In the chapter I read last night she makes a connection between child like joy and child like perspective. Here are some quotes I wanted to share with you.

“If the heights of our joy are measured by the depths of our gratitude, and gratitude is but a way of seeing, a spiritual perspective of smallness might offer a vital way of seeing especially conducive to gratitude.”

“Don’t I often desperately want to wriggle free of the confines of a small life? Yet when I stand before immensity that heightens my smallness – I have never felt sadness. Only burgeoning wonder. Is it is because within each frame of finite flesh lies the likeness of infinite God?”

“Awe ignites joy because it makes us bend the knee and I remember a night chasing moon and we are in deepest happiness in the posture of grateful worship. Because the God-likeness within our smallness speaks to Father-God in His magnificence…all wonder and worship can only grow out of smallness.”

I was so blessed by this chapter as it reminded me the key to a joyful life in God. Maybe sometime in the future when you need to be reminded of that kind of crazy, happy joy of your child-self, you’ll read this letter and remember that it came from the simple fact that the joy of small makes life large. YOU are my constant reminder of how to be joy FULL and I wanted to say thank you for that.



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Look at that concentration. When you make a conscious effort to hold the pencil the “right” way it’s a gentle reminder that you are growing up. It’s bittersweet! Love you.


This weekend in pictures

Grandma’s in town so you’ve been having so much fun! We went to a farm, hung out with your cousin, and ate lots of yummy food with daddy & mommy. Feeling really fat but happy :)

Drawing and Singing

It’s fun seeing you express your 2 year old self more and more through drawings and song. You love tracing your hands, drawing circles, and the rest is “abstract art.” Your favorite songs to sing right now are twinkle twinkle little star, ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Thought I’d make a video for you to see :) I love this stage where you’re learning everything so quickly but still have a little bit of baby still left in you :)

Valentine’s Treats!

Dear Zachy!

We started going to pre-school and today you had a field day getting Valentine’s treats! I appreciate the moms who gave tangerines and pencils as their choice of sweets. Mommy and daddy might have to “help” you eat some of the other goodies like the skittles and chocolates :) No need to thank us, we’re happy to do this for you. =) You’re enjoying all the new activities at your new schools besides your Valentine’s party such as circle time, story time, arts and crafts, and of course snack and play time. It’s fun for mommy to watch you have so much fun too!

Clifford the Big Blue Dog?


Sometimes daddy and I think you might be colorblind. We don’t seriously think this since we know you’re still developing and learning, but you often mix up colors. For example, we were at the mall at you kept saying that this was Clifford the big BLUE dog. I told you it was a red dog but you kept saying “blue dog!” oh dear. :) Hopefully it’ll click one day…otherwise we’ll have to go see an eye doctor! haha!

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Today you hit a new milestone of sorts: you had your first lollipop. We were making valentine goody bags for your friends, filling them with sweets and love, one of the treats being dumdums. You never had a lollipop to know that it’d be delicious, but somehow you knew as you said “open this one.” And staying in your beastly character, you literally bit off pieces of the lollipop and were done with it in less than 5 minutes time. Why slowly lick a lollipop when you can bite the whole thing off?? You never cease to amaze me. Lol!! Needless to say, you thoroughly enjoyed it.


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