Double take

Zachy and Joey,

There are times I take a snapshot of Joey and it will transport me back in time to a specific picture or memory of Zachy. You two look alike as babies! Here’s an example:

Left is Joey at 1.5wks, right is Zachy at 1.5months.


So curious if you two will continue to resemble one another!

Two weeks

Joey baby,

Happy two weeks love! We had your appointment today and your growth stats are impressive. Drumroll please….! Not only did you gain back your birth weight, you trumped it by tipping over 9 pounds. That puts you at the 80%. Height and head circumference are both well in the 90%. You’re my big girl! It’s only fitting that you’re busting out of your newborn onesies. Love you!



Joey baby,

I know this is going to sound weird but there are so many moments while breastfeeding I wish I can capture on camera, but who wants to see that? You do so many cute poses with your hands while feeding that it cracks me up, but I guess I’ll just have to capture that memory in my mind. Sometimes you cup your hands around my breast like you’re telling me a secret. Other times you have your palms covering your eye like you’re in disbelief of something. Or you dig your fingers into your eyes making it appear that life is so difficult. And lastly there’s the pensive look where you have one finger to your chin or forehead while deliciously chomping away. LOL. Okay enough of the random post, glad you’re eating well bebe.

Love, mama

School picture


Your very first school picture is pure awesomeness. I can already see myself showing your future wife your first preschool picture and wondering where the time has gone. :) look at you rocking that pose and smile. I love you!


Big brother treat


Hi zachy!

Tonight we went out for a yogurtland date to celebrate your transition to being big brother. It was just the three of us, like old times. Old times meaning just last week ;) You’ve been embracing your new sister with grace and I hope you’ll continue to as things get harder in the future. Perhaps we shall continue these zachy dates to show how much we love and appreciate you, our forever first born.


First week

Dearest Josephine,

Happy one week! I can’t believe it was just one week ago that I was enduring labor pains in anticipation of meeting you. Thinking about it brings back so many emotions. Since bringing you home from the hospital things have been surprisingly smooth, praise God! I wonder if having a newborn the second time around seems easier in light of dealing with your brother’s toddler troubles. Despite them your brother has been so sweet and excited to have you home. He probably is wondering why all you do is eat and sleep. I’m sure you two will be playing together in no time. ;)

You’ve been the sweetest baby so far, only crying when you absolutely need something and patient with all the loud noises at home. You’re eating well, sleeping as well as newborns do, and pooing like cray cray. Daddy and I are so thrilled to have you and are thankful for God’s goodness. We’re absolutely smitten, Joey!


Welcome Josephine!

Hi Zachy!

Guess what? As of 11/7/14, you are officially an older brother! Your sister, Josephine, was born at 6:51pm at 8 pounds 4oz and 21 inches long. I’m surprised that she came out bigger than you! I’ll probably be sharing this space to write letters to both of you now, hope you won’t mind. To start, I wanted to share Joey’s labor and delivery story so we can all remember how she joined our family many years from now.

Unlike my pregnancy with you, I experienced lots of braxton hick contractions in my third trimester with your sister. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they were getting more intense and having forgotten what real labor contractions felt like I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t know the difference between the real and fake ones. Everyone assured me that real labor contractions are unmistakeable because they are painful, but I still wondered if it would be clear to me when the time came. For the record, it wasn’t that clear to me (read story ahead). With so many braxton hicks leading up to my due date, I totally thought that Joey would come early but 40 weeks rolled around with baby still in utero.

11/6/14 – At my 40 week prenatal check up, the midwife said I was still 2.5cm dilated like the week prior. In hopes to jump start labor, she stripped my membranes, meaning that she put her finger into my cervix and separated the bag of water from the side of the uterus near the cervix. Ouch! Having never heard of this method I asked other mommies about their experience and it seemed like it worked for some while did nothing for others. I was curious if it would do anything for me. After my appointment I was feeling crampy and uncomfortable the rest of the day, but heard this was normal so I didn’t read too much into it. We carried on the rest of our day and enjoyed a yummy In-n-out dinner with some friends.

11/7/14 – I went to bed around midnight and woke up at 1:30am feeling cramps and contractions. This wasn’t unusual because I would get braxton hick contractions at night weeks prior, but I would normally fall back asleep after an hour or so. I expected this to be no different. 3am rolled around and I was still having contractions. Another hour went by and I couldn’t sleep through them. I called L&D around 5am and told them I was having crampy contractions on average 6 minutes apart for a few hours now. They said if they weren’t SUPER painful, that it’s probably nothing. Though they were mildly painful, they weren’t unbearable so I decided to wait till the morning to see how things played out.

7am-11am – I was still getting contractions every 5-6 minutes and this was the first time they’ve ever persisted this long and into the morning. I wondered if this was just a side effect of the stripped membranes or if it was the real deal. I went for a walk and I started to have trouble walking through my contractions. I called L&D again around 11am and they downplayed my regular contractions because I wasn’t describing them to be as intense as they wanted. To save a drive over, they told me I could walk into my local clinic to do a labor check (my local Kaiser doesn’t have L&D so the plan was to drive to another Kaiser 30 min away for L&D).

12p – At my labor check, I was still only 2-3cm dilated and I was a little discouraged. If this wasn’t real labor, why was I have sooo many contractions for so long? The doctor did say that though my cervix is still the same, she thinks that my water will break later that night and I could go into labor soon. Not wanting to be too hopeful, I was doubting anything would happen later that night.

2p – I tried to take a nap since I had not slept pretty much at all the night before. I still couldn’t fall asleep because of my contractions and decided to take a warm bath. It helped somewhat. I looked up traffic to the Kaiser I was assigned to for L&D and though without traffic it took 30 min, the Friday traffic at 3pm was projected to take up to an hour. My worst fear was not making it to the hospital in time so we decided to drive to Kaiser around 3pm and hang around the area to see if I was still feeling my contractions.

3-4:30p – We drove over in traffic, me trying to breathe through each contraction. Near the Kaiser we decided to stop by La Salsa to eat an early dinner, in case we did get admitted to the hospital. My contractions were uncomfortable and I could only eat half of my burrito which was very unlike me :P

4:45p-5:15p – We got to Kaiser L&D and I was pretty sure I’d go in and they would tell me that I’m still 2-3cm and to go back home. Though it was painful for me to walk through my contractions, I still could semi talk through them and L&D told me I shouldn’t be able to. I got checked into triage and they monitored my contractions for awhile. The doctor came in and checked me and said “You’re 6cm, we’ll admit you.” WHAT???????? Daddy and I were so surprised and happy!

5:30p – We got set up in our delivery room and my contractions were getting closer together and more intense. I asked for an epidural but was told I needed to wait since the anesthesiologist was in the OR.

6pm – I felt a gush and realized that my water broke! I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have my water break and I was so surprised that mine broke on its own since I read that only 15% of women experience their water breaking before labor. After this my contractions started feeling unbearable and I started to cry since I was in so much pain.

6:30pm – I FINALLY got my epidural but moments before I got my epidural I got the feeling I needed to push. The nurse asked if I wanted her to check me before getting my epidural but I was in so much pain that I said that I wanted it right away. The anesthesiologist said it would take 20 min for the epidural to take full effect.

6:45pm-6:51pm – Felt the urge to push even stronger and doctor came in and told me to start pushing. I was screaming “why isn’t the epidural working!!” since I was in so much pain. (Looking back, I probably could have done without the epidural since it barely took into effect for me). I started pushing around 6:49pm and then Josephine was born at 6:51pm. I cried tears of joy and relief as I heard her crying. The doctor said what a big baby and turns out she was 8 pounds 4oz. They joked, you could carry anything in there! I had a first degree tear and got one stitch which I was so surprised by and thankful for. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything happened, especially since I was doubtful the whole day that I was in “real labor.” Turns out I wasn’t crazy after all! Praise God for a healthy baby and smooth delivery!


40 weeks

Hi zachy!

Today is mommy’s due date but instead of giving birth to your sister, I get a rare treat of having your sleep next to me. You woke up mid nap to pee then cuddled in bed with me and fell back asleep. I’ll take it!



Happy November

Can you believe it’s already November, Zachy? I can’t!! We’re 5 days away from your sister’s due date so technically this is our last weekend as a family of three. Or so I hope, I hope she’s not late! I wanted to do something fun so we decided to go explore Downtown Pleasanton. The weather was perfect – starting to cool down and feel like fall so I busted out my Uggs to keep my feet warm. There was a farmer’s market where we enjoyed free samples of fresh fruit, seasonal pies, and fluffy potato bread. You also got to pet kittens and dogs at the rescue / adoption corner on Main street. For lunch we had some sushi and udon and you ate like a champ, typical. Finally, we went to Meadowlark Dairy, the main reason I wanted to “explore” Pleasanton. I’ve been wanting to try this soft serve place for awhile and it didn’t disappoint! I had to talk my way out of getting a second serving after finishing my chocolate and vanilla swirl. That’s self control at its finest.

Family selfie!


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This was our third year attending Googleween, a Halloween event Google hosts for kids. This year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland and the Google events team outdid themselves, again. People were lining up for arts and crafts, face painting, bouncy houses, games, and of course snacks. The crowd is a bit intimidating for you so you parked yourself on daddy’s shoulders most of the time. Daddy says It feels a bit like Asia because it’s so darn crowded!

This year your costume was a bit half hearted. We got a nacho libre cape from SF Mission district but I realized after the fact that it’s the wrong color! Mommy fail, can I be excused because I’m pregnant? It was so hot anyway you didn’t wear it most of the time. Next year I shall redeem myself!!

Happy Halloween!



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