Curious Zach

Hi Dear,

These days you’ve been in the “what’s that?” and “why?” asking phase. You literally ask questions for everythaaang and their mamas.

Mom: “Zachy! Look at those trees!”

Z: What trees do?

Mom: They provide shade.

Z: Why provide shade?

Mom: So we can stay cool from the sun.

Z: Why stay cool from sun?

Mom: So we don’t get hot…

And so on and on and on. Typically all of my answers will end with, because God made it that way…and we don’t question God! hahaha :) Love your curiosity little bug.



Hi z!

Tonight we swung by your cousins house for a spontaneous “glamping trip.” Glamping is enjoying all the perks of camping as well as the convenience of home. We enjoyed a “campfire” and roasted some s’mores in the comfort of your cousin’s awesome backyard :) they pitched a tent and they plan on sleeping overnight but we just crashed for the ribs and s’mores and we are back at home. It’s especially fun to see you two starting to talk to each other more and play together without needing us to entertain y’all. Looking forward to seeing your friendship blossom into a really special relationship!


California Academy of Sciences

Hi Zachy!

Since daddy had two days off for the Fourth of July weekend we took advantage of one day to take you to the California Academy of Sciences in SF. You loved our last trip to the Monterey Aquarium so we were so excited to take you to the Academy of Sciences. While your usual self loves to run free in public spaces, almost too carefree, you cling ever so tightly to daddy in larger, more crowded places like both the aquarium and Academy of Sciences. Daddy loves every second of it, except for the times he gets really hot holding you hahaha. At the Academy of Sciences, you particularly enjoyed the Rainforest exhibit and all the fluttering butterflies. Your other favorites were the gift shop (they had a box of kinetic sand which was actually really cool to play with!), sharks, and touching the starfish. :) You had so much fun that you knocked out in the car ride home and mama got to make a quick stop to boba guys for a car ride treat! Had so much fun kiddo!!



Happy Friday!!!!

Painting by Z


Slowing Down

Dear Zachy,

Every once in awhile, everything needs a good tune up or maintenance – cars, relationships, and most definitely our hearts. Tonight I arrived at a check point with my parenting after an especially rough day of endless tantrums/tears and mommy battling feelings of failure and questions of “where did I go wrong?” Even though daddy encouraged me by saying “you’re not a failure, you’re doing a good job,” there is always room for growth and I especially feel that God stretches me during days like today. We put you down earlier for bed (trust me you need the rest!) and enjoyed a rare quiet dinner to talk through things together.

Mommy has a tendency of keeping busy. Even before I became “mommy” I would always pack my schedule, meet with friends, and always be doing something. I have a hard time sitting still. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad trait, it’s part of my personality. However, with parenting I feel like it has translated to filling our days with activities and fun, leaving me very little energy to be proactive on things that actually matter – teaching, correcting, and guiding. I feel that I need to be more disciplined myself with being creative and fruitful at home so that I can focus on guiding you in the right direction. In the midst of busy schedules, I’ve lost sight of the long-term purpose of parenting which is raising you in the instruction of the Lord. I’ve been operating more on survival mode and getting through each day with “fun stuff.” Sure, I teach you plenty here and there, but I want to expend my energy on prioritizing character building and gospel-learning over having fun. Not to say we’ll stop having fun, because learning through play is huge, but I want to be more intentional with my parenting. And in order for me to achieve this, I feel like I need to slow down and maybe spend some days completely at home, free of distraction and excuses. I guess this is mommy’s discipline and I hope to master it over time.

I love you and praying for grace for us all.


It’s A…!!!

Dear Zachy!

We had our 19 week ultrasound today and praise God the baby is healthy! AND we found out that you’re having a …… sister!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I think you’ll be such a sweet older brother. I can’t wait to watch you to play in the near future. Love you!


Hi Zachy!

I’m posting this a bit late but I wanted to share some pictures from our weekend away at Monterey over the past Memorial Day holiday. We had planned this trip earlier this year with our family and daddy and I were so excited to take you to the aquarium. In preparation for the aquarium, we showed you videos of fishes, octopus, sharks, crabs, otters and other water animals we’d see. Just doing a little homework ;)¬†It was really helpful because once we got to the aquarium, you were so much more excited to see them in real life, plus you knew their names! We also walked around Cannery Row and ate lots of yummy food. You loved seeing and chasing all of the birds around town too. We stayed at the Monterey Hotel Plaza and Spa which was our home away from home for 3 days. We were actually nervous about sleeping in the same room with you because in the past it didn’t go so well, but we were so proud of you! You slept really well, granted you were so tired from each day’s adventures. :) Now we’re not as nervous for upcoming travels. Hurrah! We finished our trip with a surrey ride around town and you had a blast riding in the front seat and ringing your bell. We got to see a lot of seals along the coast and enjoy the beautiful weather. Loved our family trip!


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National Donut Day

“Mommy can I have a chocolate donut pleaaaase?” How can I say no to that? :) happy national donut day!


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