Hey Zachy,

We went to see the doctor today because you’ve been dealing with a lingering cough from your cold a few weeks ago. Your breathing is labored and I also hear a bit of wheezing. Your daddy has asthma so I wanted to check if that was the cause of your coughing. The doctor said that wheezing is common with kids and they don’t call it asthma until it’s chronic and also persists after you’re 5. I guess we’re still waiting to see, till then your dr sent us home with an inhaler. It’s so sad to see you suffering!! I hope you sleep better tonight.

Here’s a cute snapshot of you waiting to see the doctor.


Bowling night

Dear Zachy,

On a whim we decided to join daddy on his bowling night out with church friends. You had a late nap that day so why not YOLO! It was your first time at a bowling alley and you were mesmerized. Balls, knocking things down, and arcade games all in one place?! Too good to be true, I know. Even though you hit most balls into the gutter and pretended to play arcade games, one day you’ll experience the real deal.


Toddler sleep

Hi Zachy,

This week was a rough one for the books. You’ve been going through some sleep regression of sorts, waking multiple times per night. A lot of the times you’re inconsolably crying and it leaves daddy and I feeling helpless. Last night I was googling what this could possibly mean and I came across the topic of night terrors. It seems to describe your half awake – half asleep condition and the fact that you can’t really be comforted. This week was also rough since you were battling a nasty cold, one that you’ve now graciously passed on to me. :) so to say its been fun this week is an understatement ;) In the middle of the night while you’re screaming bloody murder I try to tell myself “this too shall pass.”

In the height of our exhaustion, daddy decided it would be fun to take us all out to a local carnival to take our mind off things. You smiled from ear to ear on all the rides, and we enjoyed some overpriced carnival games. It was a perfect way to end our crazy week and I am hopeful for a better week!


Mr. Active

Hey little man!

Happy Friday! Today we went to a local farm with your friends and I was looking through some pictures and chuckling at how your personality shines through in them.

Take this one for example…while your friend carefully walks along the train tracks, you’re jumping between each rail.


The next one shows you eagerly chasing chickens while your friends watch from behind.


Lastly here’s one of you mid-run while your friends walk in an orderly manner. ;)


You keep me busy little guy! But I love that you’re so active…but please please wait for me!!!!

First day



It’s your first day of preschool, eeeeeee! You’ve been wanting to go to school for awhile now and the day is finally here! On some days you would even whine because you wanted to go to school “right now.” All good things are worth waiting for my dear :) I just dropped you off and I’m sitting alone at a cafe with drink in hand. Feels strangely calm.

I’m sure you’re having tons of fun right now, probably doing some circle time. I hope you’ll be kind to your new friends, listen to your teachers, and have no potty accidents :) and of course have a ton of fun!!! There will come a day I’ll have to drag you to school, hopefully that day won’t come for awhile. Love you booger!


Nainai is here!

Hi zachy!

Nainai has officially moved up to the Bay Area. It’s so weird for mommy and daddy to have parentals nearby because we’ve always lived far away, but it’s going to be so nice to have you grow up seeing your grandma regularly. So blessed! Here’s you and your cousins :)


OC fair

Hi zachy!

Today is mommy and daddy’s 5 year anniversary. Hurrah! We decided to celebrate with a spontaneous trip to the OC fair while we’re in town. The petting zoo area was nuts!!!!! They had so many animals all in one area – even deer, a kangaroo, and a llama! The deer liked to chew on mommy’s skirt which was kind of nasty. It made me want to leave ASAP but you were having so much fun. Out of all the fairs I’ve been to in the past, the OC fair takes the cake in terms of how many animals they had on site. They also had oxen which I’m not even sure I’ve seen before! They are huuuuuuge!!!! Daddy also really wanted to take you on carnival rides even though I was not so interested. He spoiled you today :) Mommy was interested in getting funnel cake but that didn’t happen. I also really wanted some nachos and regretted getting my over fried chicken strips. Clearly, food is very important to mommy…pregnant or not! Lol….I think we share this in common though :) after the fair, it took us 2 hours in traffic to get back to grandma’s house but it was worth it even still. Love you!



San Diego zoo


Hi zachy!

We wanted to make sure to squeeze in a trip to the SD Zoo despite all the crazies going on with nainai’s move. Especially since this was our last time in SD with a home to go to. Your other grandma and grandpa joined us for a quick 4 hour trip to the zoo. You really loved seeing the pandas so much that we had to buy you a souvenir to take home. They sure got us! It was a hot day walking around the zoo, especially for your very pregnant mama, but it was worth it to see you happy!



Day 1 and 2 in SD


Hey Zachy,

We’re in San Diego to visit NaiNai to help her with a really big transition. As happy as we are to be here, it feels different this time. Perhaps because the last time we were here, Yeye had passed away to be with Jesus. But we are so thankful to support NaiNai and spend some quality time together. Yesterday we visited Yeye at his memorial site then celebrated with a yummy Chinese dinner. Today we helped Nainai around the house then went to look at seals at the La Jolla cove. You were quite intrigued. We hit up our favorite mexican place afterwards called Lolita’s Taco Shop. Nom nom…mommy is happy :) and you also seemed to enjoy our carne asada fries. Mmmmmm :) adventure to be continued my love.

Dear zachy,

Recently you’ve been asking “can I hold mighty?” You sure get a kick out of it and look so proud of yourself. Whenever we see babies you want to ask to hold them too. You’re practicing your older brother duties already! Can’t wait for the moment you can hold your sister…you and I both :)



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