Bedtime delays


You’re at an age where bedtime delay tactics is your forte. We were getting frustrated with you stalling every night so I created a sticker chart where you get a sticker for each bedtime routine activity if done quickly. I must say it’s been encouraging you to listen far better than before! Some nights you don’t get all 5 stickers (bath time, pjs, brush teeth, story, lights out) but you try to. We’ll see how long this works :)


4 weeks


We made it! We’ve more than survived the first four weeks of your life. You’re such a joy! Being a second time mom, I’m a lot more lax about rules and how to’s so I feel less stressed this time around. We’ll see how that changes once I actually start sleep training, whenever that happens. Dreading that a little seeing that you like to be held a lot :) This picture is misleading because you stayed asleep in your crib for less than 5 min.


This is more accurate ;) how sweet you are asleep in my arms. Enjoying moments like these as you’re already growing too fast!


Love you,

Tis the Season

Hello my babies!

I love the holiday season and I’m so happy to be able to spend it with you guys. We got our Christmas tree today and zachy had a blast decorating it. I remember us doing the same thing last year and I can’t believe that a year has already come and gone. So crazy.. But this year we have Joey, her first Christmas!

Some pics from today at the tree farm, selfies in front our tree, and sweet moments with the fam. :)

“Zach was Here”

Oh Zachy,

Someday I’ll miss the times I randomly find a tower built with my toiletries.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble!

This post is a day late, but yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving! We woke up tired from a typical night of night feedings, rocking, and trying to get Joey to sleep..and zachy waking up here and here to add fun to the mix. Despite our fatigue, daddy and I tried to focus our perspective on how blessed we are with you two. :)

This year was the first thanksgiving we spent with daddy’s side of the family. Because Joey is so young we decided not to travel. I’m a little relieved to avoid holiday traveling to be honest! So we headed over to auntie C’s house and spent the day with your cousins and had unko’s smoked turkey.


Double take

Zachy and Joey,

There are times I take a snapshot of Joey and it will transport me back in time to a specific picture or memory of Zachy. You two look alike as babies! Here’s an example:

Left is Joey at 1.5wks, right is Zachy at 1.5months.


So curious if you two will continue to resemble one another!

Two weeks

Joey baby,

Happy two weeks love! We had your appointment today and your growth stats are impressive. Drumroll please….! Not only did you gain back your birth weight, you trumped it by tipping over 9 pounds. That puts you at the 80%. Height and head circumference are both well in the 90%. You’re my big girl! It’s only fitting that you’re busting out of your newborn onesies. Love you!



Joey baby,

I know this is going to sound weird but there are so many moments while breastfeeding I wish I can capture on camera, but who wants to see that? You do so many cute poses with your hands while feeding that it cracks me up, but I guess I’ll just have to capture that memory in my mind. Sometimes you cup your hands around my breast like you’re telling me a secret. Other times you have your palms covering your eye like you’re in disbelief of something. Or you dig your fingers into your eyes making it appear that life is so difficult. And lastly there’s the pensive look where you have one finger to your chin or forehead while deliciously chomping away. LOL. Okay enough of the random post, glad you’re eating well bebe.

Love, mama

School picture


Your very first school picture is pure awesomeness. I can already see myself showing your future wife your first preschool picture and wondering where the time has gone. :) look at you rocking that pose and smile. I love you!


Big brother treat


Hi zachy!

Tonight we went out for a yogurtland date to celebrate your transition to being big brother. It was just the three of us, like old times. Old times meaning just last week ;) You’ve been embracing your new sister with grace and I hope you’ll continue to as things get harder in the future. Perhaps we shall continue these zachy dates to show how much we love and appreciate you, our forever first born.



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